About Babaji

Sree Nagaraj (Later known as Babaji) was born on 30.11.203 AD in Prangipettai (Porto Novo – place of foreigners) with the birth star Rohini during the Karthikai deepam festival (the festival of lights – triumph of “forces of lights over the forces of darkness”). His parents were from Namboothiri Brahman family of Malabar (Kerala state). His father being the Chief Priest of Lord Shiva temple now known as Kumaraswamy temple, he was greatly influenced by the daily religious practices and ceremonies of the temples associated with spiritual activities. Nagaraj in his early childhood used to accompany his parents to Nataraja (Shiva) temple in Chidambaram quite often which has fuelled his spiritual aspirations for self-realization from a very young age. Nagaraj, a fair and handsome boy of 4 years old while standing in front of the Shiva temple at Parangipettai watching a religious ceremony was taken away by a trader from Baluchistan (now in Pakistan) to Calcutta and sold him to a rich man as slave. However, observing the good manners of the boy, the rich man freed him from slavery.

Nagaraj attracted by a group of sadhus, joined them and wandered the next few years with them from place to place side by side studying from them all sacred scriptures of India. Within a short period, He became a great scholar and entered into debates with learned persons on various subjects. At the age of 11, along with a group of scholars, He undertook journey from Banaras (Kasi) to Kathirgamam in Srilanka (people worship here freely and together without any disparity, in a peaceful manner).

At Kathirgamam, He became the disciple of Sidhar Boganathar and learned yogic practices, meditation techniques very intensively. Sidhar Boganathar, satisfied with his sadhanas, initiated Him into more advanced Kriya techniques finally making him experience the absolute reality. Sidhar Boganathar also guided Him to the Indian philosophy and the full significance of Siddhantham. Finally, Sidhar Boganathar directed Nagaraj to Sidhar Agastyar for initiation into Kriya Kundalini Pranayama. On reaching Courtallam Shakthi Peedam, Nagaraj, in a meditation posture, prayed continuously for 48 days surrendering His life with the sole mission – to get initiation from Sidhar Agastyar. The 48th Day of His inetense tapa Sidhar Agastyar appeared in front of Nagaraj and initiated Him into the sacred Kriya Kundalini Pranayama (Vasi yoga) the ultimate experience of cosmic consciousness and unbounded bliss. After explaining the conditions to be followed for the spiritual enlightenment as per Sidhara Agastyar’s advice, Babaji proceeded to Badrinath (Himalayan range) and practiced for 18 months sincerely the yogic kriyas that he learned from Sidhar Boganathar and Sidhar Agastyar ultimately entering into a state of Swarupa Samadhi ie, Merging His physical body with the divinity, Physical body becoming always young, bright and sparkling in golden color. Babaji remains in His physical body visible to a select few. He has given initiation and Kriya Yoga deeksha to great souls appearing in His physical body, flesh and blood.
It has been described that Babaji has an ashram near Badhrinath in the Himalayas known as “Gauri Shankar Peetam” and visit to this ashram will be possible to His select few only thru their astral body